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One thought I had when I made my ‘Life.Nature.You‘ video was that we as a community can save an entire forest – starting with a tiny patch of grass. That’s why this blog is called ‘A Small Patch of Earth.’ Once we’ve rediscovered a connection with wildlife/nature on a local, manageable scale, we’re ready to connect with others. So now I’m wondering: how to build a ‘Small Patch of Earth’ community? Is anyone interested in helping me to take this concept further?

I’ve had the following ideas:


1. Encourage the teachers at your local school or play group to start a Small Patch of Earth project. Send a link to the ‘Life Nature You‘ video to help them start a discussion.

– Any teachers out there willing to create and share Small Patch of Earth materials for children? As a former primary school teacher, I’d be very happy to share this task.

– Any graphic artists out there willing to create a snazzy poster? Or an animated web teaser?

2. Start in a local park, or in your own backyard. Get down on your hands and knees and get a sense of the amount of life in a tiny patch of earth. Hold on to that feeling and share the thought with others.

3. Send me a picture of the small patch of earth that inspired you. If I get enough, I’ll turn them all into a massive collage. And I’ll scan them all and put them up on a web site. Behind every small patch of earth, there’s a story to tell!

Any other great ideas? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this blog.

I’ve also created a Facebook page where you can connect with others.

This concept is really about creating connections, and sharing a feeling more than anything else.

Once you’ve got started, let me know.

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Feel free to write to me:


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