Myles Thompson

The Commission

In The Film on July 15, 2008 at 2:27 pm

I’ve got the commission to make the film – but I’m overwhelmed with choices. The WWF is active in so many parts of the world, and there are so many projects. Which one could be worthy of a film? What could the criteria be to help me decide?

Let me know your thoughts!

  1. This is a really good question to ponder. The option are endless. Any particular area that is bringing your attention to?

    • The options do seem endless. It’s really a matter of finding a good story, and that could be anywhere – so I’m leaving my options open. I’d like to make sure it’s a story people can engage with, rather than a straight documentary-style piece with images and a voiceover explaining a project of some kind. The filmmaking technology available these days will help me get closer to the theme (I’m thinking of DSLR’s and the GoPro).

      I’ve been scouring the web over the past few days looking for stories, and learning more and more about conservation. Quite a task! Any pointers appreciated !!

  2. Myles,

    I just heard about your award. Congratulations. It looks like you have a wonderful opportunity ahead of you. Make the best of it.

    • Thanks very much Chris!

      If you hear any amazing wildlife news – pls let me know – I’m still looking for ideas.

      Hope you’re well.

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